To Amat Fust S.L. We mechanize solid and prefabricated wood, using the best technology, to be competitive in price and quality.

The third generation

Amat Fust S.L. was born with the manufacture of knife handles and derivatives. Subsequently, it expanded to almost all articles of kitchen and home complement, to finally enter the world of the upholstery and rest complement.


We currently produce articles for any of these areas:

  • Complementary items for kitchen and home.
  • Tape and resting furniture.
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The beech wood stands out for these characteristics, in addition to the ease of work. For this reason, to Amat Fust S.L. We work mainly with beech wood. We also use pine, spruce, and occasionally oak or ash.

Exports to
France and Portugal


PEFC certificate

Wood that comes from sustainably managed forests.

Specialists in automatic turning

Varnishing with electrostatic equipment

Legs for beds, tables, chairs, sofas …
all of them with varnish that can be of generic or customized colors.

Hardware to facilitate the corresponding couplings (threaded studs of metric 8 or 10 mm).
We can also introduce females with the same metrics.